Who is HELADA?

We're based in Greece and, at present, our members either live here a good part of the year, or have some close connection to Greece. 

The majority of HELADA members hold US or dual citizenship, yet a sizeable number are Greeks or other-country nationals. Some have lived socially well-connected, well-heeled lives, and a few have experienced real hardship, while the bulk could be called middle-class. Many members hold university degrees, including a fair number of doctorals, in a variety of fields. Yet, more than one of us have also waited tables or cleaned others’ bathrooms at some point in our careers. Some have trained in the sciences, some in humanities, some in management disciplines. There are a couple of peaceniks and a few who have served in combat. Some of us are freelance and freewheeling, while others must deal with mainstream entities less accepting of views outside that mainstream.  

We don't agree 100% on the issues, although we all subscribe to the sentiments in our mission statement. To accommodate our different 'voices' and opinions, we have stated our overview on most issues. Individual comments and recommended article links are shared in our Forum. 

At present, anyone is welcome to read the Issues pages, but the Forum is limited to members. And we want to know who our members are. Consequently, we ask for verifiable contact information when someone joins, but allow 'user names' on the Forum to protect private information.

Become a Member
Our membership is open to anyone with ties to the United States and Greece who shares our constructive interest in politics as described in our Mission Statement.   

There is no membership fee, only an obligation to civilized discourse. To become a HELADA member, please use the Registration box on the Forum. 

Be Informed of Events and Meetings
To be added to our mailing list for bulletins/event invitations once or twice a month, just send us an email to that effect. Use the Contact Us button or the link in the column to the right >>>>>

In all cases, we will do our utmost to safeguard your privacy.   

Need some help?

  • Joining up

  • Getting registered

  • Figuring out the Forum

Registering is simple. Click on the FORUM link, click on Register, fill in the information and submit.

If you've got questions and want more details, we've put together some pdf files with instructions. Most are a page or two long. One on posting and formatting is a bit longer.

Check them out if in need:

1 - Explore the Home Page
2 - Navigating the Site
3 - Register as a Member
4 - Logging In
5 - Navigating the Forum
6 - Posting Simple Replies
7 - Post and Format Articles  

Send an e-mail to get on our bulletin list.