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Everybody wants good health. Everybody has the right to good, quality health care. So few of us get what we want or need!

Health care in the US is tied to health insurance. Insurance is a business and is designed to make money. Keeping people healthy or providing a way for them to overcome their health problems is secondary.

The cost of treatment, insurance and pharmaceuticals has skyrocketed. As a result, over 47 million Americans are without insurance coverage, and middle class families are struggling to cover their needs. The cost of group plans that once formed the mainstay of private insurance for employees has made it difficult for employers to compete in the global market, where most companies benefit from state-run plans. 

Most HELADA members strongly support adoption of universal, single-payer health care in the US. 

Health care is a right, but how do expatriate Americans get that right both in our native country and our adopted home? Quite a few HELADAns enjoy total or supplemental coverage under the Greek state health care system. This system is not without its flaws, and it can sometimes be hard to navigate, particularly for those whose Greek is weak. Still, it shows the potential of state-supported, private-provided health care.

This section consists of information about health care both in the United States and in Greece. We'd also like for HELADA members to share their health care experiences - from dealing with insurance companies to doctors. HB

More information below and in HELADA's Life in Greece section

Reform and HR 676

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Articles & Blogs

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