Nuclear Power and Weaponry

Toward a Nuclear-free World         Co-ordinator


As the nuclear issues co-ordinator for HELADA, I would like it if I could say that everyone in HELADA shares my views ...

On nuclear power stations, namely  that:

They represent the 20th century’s most expensive failed technology. There is absolutely nothing good to be said for them. They solve no problems. They are merely a source of problems and a burden for future generations such as no previous era has ever bequeathed to its posterity.

And on nuclear weapons, namely that:  

They are  exclusively political “weapons,” enjoying the preference of politicians and journalists more than the informed military. They are meant to frighten both external and internal “enemies” (i.e. the citizens of the country possessing them). They are the threat of hellfire for a secular age, a totem for rulers and ruled alike. Every country possessing them should do what the Swedes, the South Africans, the Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Kazakhs, Argentinians and Brazilians have done and abolish them, unilaterally or by bilateral agreement, with or without “international community” assistance.

I would like to say all this as HELADA, but cannot, because it is not the general view. There are some in HELADA who believe that nuclear power may be a necessity, perhaps a “regrettable” necessity, in an age of global warming and diminishing oil stocks. And there are a few in HELADA who believe in “nuclear deterrence” and think that the only nuclear disarmament that can be of value is universal nuclear disarmament.

The views that we do share are:

- that the rigidity of many American, and international, interests on subjects such as these is deplorable, and

- that President Obama’s declared commitment to a turn to renewable energy resources and negotiation for nuclear arms reductions is to be applauded.

These are the parameters, and the limits, of what we can do as HELADA. -- WH

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