Supporting the Troops

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What we all agree on is the need to support the men and women serving in battle zones!

These ideas include:

  • When war is deemed necessary it should be pursued under a formal Declaration of War by the Congress.

  • When men and women are sent to fight, they should be properly trained (including rudimentary language of the battle zone).

  • Armed personnel should be properly equipped, including body armor and vehicles.

  • Armed forces personnel should be fully steeped in the rules of combat set forth in the Geneva Convention.

  • Wounded personnel must be given highest quality care, at all stages of the recovery process.

  • Families of armed forces must receive full financial and social support.

  • Veterans should receive adequate financial and health support, wherever they live out their lives.

  • Soldiers killed in service to the country should be returned to their home with full military honors and press coverage, no matter how embarassing to the government.

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