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HELADA members include some dyed-in-wool peaceniks and some retired military, some who have served in combat and some who have never even held a gun. Obviously, we won't agree 100% on military matters nor on how, and how soon, current operations should be concluded.

We also register minor differences regarding relationships with allies, the use of private contractors, the militarization of space, the use of tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear non-proliferation and placement of overseas bases, although generally we weigh against militarism and the 'military-industrial complex'.

One thing we do all agree on, though, is that men and women called upon to serve the country in battle deserve the best training, support and after-services we can muster. This means careful deliberations before deciding to go to war and provision of whatever the services need once engaged. It also implies that the citizenry of an 'enemy' state are treated with as much care and respect as possible during conflict.

We realize this is a tall order, but we see it as a worthy goal. In short, HELADA seeks for the US to be restored to a position of respect among the world's nations, and for the military arm of its policies to again be seen as a force for good in times of need. A strong friend, but never again a bully.

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