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We all need water, our bodies need it, plants and animals need it and businesses need it. In most locales around the world, water has been a given of life, as is air. People settled around a water source, nomads moved among water sources. 

In the recent past, however, water has been fought over and laws enacted regarding its use; look at the Southwest USA for examples. 

The importance of water has increased as the amount of potable clean water dwindles; populations increase and agricultural practices are not water savvy. United Nations agencies and various countries have spent time and resources providing clean water to many peoples around the globe. Then, add climate change to this paradigm and the issues with water increase. It is now not unheard of that people, to whom water was once free, are paying for its use. Companies are currently finding ways to own water rights and charge for them, sometimes in locales where the ability to pay is difficult. Nations are finding themselves in the undesirable position of having to restrict and redirect water use, sometimes causing conflicts with their neighbours who rely on that water source.

There is a finite amount of potable water on the Earth. It is not unthinkable therefore, that in the coming decades, water will become a more pressing problem than oil, and the quantity, quality and distribution of water will pose significant scientific, technological and ecological difficulties as well as serious political and economic challenges. 

HELADA hopes to facilitate a conversation that informs us, to be able to track or engage the related issues in whatever country or local area that is relevant to us as EU citizens and/or ex-pats.

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