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Global warming? Climate change? For almost two decades, the barrage of objections by a few – frequently on fossil-fuel interest payrolls – were portrayed as ‘substantial disagreement.’  There are still those who say global warming is bogus, a ploy by scientists to get bigger funding for their projects. Read that: job security for tech-heads. 

There are others who now admit the climate may be changing, but that’s probably not due to human activity. It’s sun spots, you know. And NASA says we’re in ‘solar minimum’ part of the cycle, so summers won’t be quite so hot. Ahhhh.

Blah, blah, blah. Let’s not change our lifestyles. Let’s just go on consuming everything in our path. Let’s just … carry on business as usual. Right?

HELADA says, Wrong! Whatever your opinion on climate change, untrammeled consumption is wasteful. End of story. If you can live a little greener, why not do it? It just makes good sense!

HELADAns support governmental and inter-governmental action, because sometimes it takes systemic action. At the same time, most of us have tried to amend our personal lifestyles. We use cars and airplanes less. We walk, bike and take public transport more. We welcome improvements in Greek transport, which already was capable of landing us anywhere in the country without use of a car. We turn out unnecessary lights … and some of us even turn off our computers when they’re not in use. We take note of the water we waste and fill those washing machines, setting the temperature for the lowest that will clean the load. We buy fewer ‘toys’ and clothes and sell or give what we don’t need to someone who can use it. We compost our kitchen scraps, recycle our glass, plastic, and metals. And we now pride ourselves on loading the rubbish bins once a week with what we used to discard every day.

And still, we wonder if we shouldn’t be doing more. 

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