Welcome to HELADA!

We are an informal group of progressive American citizens and friends in Greece.


September - TBA

HELADA's activities include:

                    Monthly gatherings of English-speaking progressives with wine and good cheer in Athens. 

                    Ad hoc events to remind ourselves and our friends of an America that has been and should be a beacon of democracy and progress.

                    Lobbying government and media on policies that affect the security, welfare, and democratic rights of Americans abroad.

                    Supporting like-minded organizations, e.g. Democrats Abroad Greece

                    Building a stronger community of citizens and volunteers in Greece. Our website is a resource for English-speakers in Greece. List yourself as a volunteer, or tell us about your own groups and activities via email to helada@helada.gr


For information on HELADA's monthly meetings, call Karen Lee 
at 6932 700095


If you're a US citizen, sign up for the 
HELADA mailing list and get your reminders 
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Next election - November 2012!
Primaries start in January
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