Greek public transportation will get you most places reasonably intact and relatively inexpensively. The Greek intercity bus system used to be described in the KTEL web site (with a slick electronic timetable that occasionally worked) at  The Karamanlis government allowed that site to be abolished in 2007, replaced by a private company that charges 66 cents per minute for telephone information on routes and schedules -- dial 14-21, English not spoken, and no guarantees. Call ex-transportation minister Michalis Liapis at 210 3614828 and tell him it was a bad idea). But at least gives the phone numbers of the provincial bus services in Greek. Or find them  below on our page in English. Armed with a map, you have a fighting chance.

There are four KTEL bus stations in Athens, reachable by taxi or city bus.  KTEL buses are an adventure, a clean, generally air-conditioned, and often excellent one, though not ideal for tourists, timing-wise.

 KTEL BUSES to Delphi and Northern Greece (e.g., KTEL-Phokida for Delphi, 210-831-6927)

260 Liosion Ave, Athens ("Tris Yefyres")

(reachable from the center of town via  bus #  024 from Syntagma Sq./Zappeio.


Eptachalkou str. and Ermou,Thiseio, Athens 

  Buses wait in a small square just below the Thisio electric train station (Metro line 1)

  KTEL BUSES FOR EAST ATTIKA (Rafina Port, Marathon, Lavrio Port) SCHEDULE

Mavromataion str. 29 & Alexandras Ave., Pedio Areos 

(Not far from Victoria electric train (metro line 1) station). Buses to the ports of Rafina and Lavrion leave every half hour and are most easily picked up from the Ethniki Amina metro station on the Doukissis Plakentias line. Buses also connect to Lavrio from the Koropi Suburban rail station.

  KTEL BUSES to the Peloponnese (e.g. Nafplio), Western Greece and Macedonia

100 Kifisou Ave., Athens 

(reachable via the 51 bus from the corner of Menandrou and Zinonos, two blocks west of Omonia Square. On return, the 51 drops you at the Metaxourgeio metro station.

For Athens city buses and trolleys (0.50 for adults), you can navigate through the OASA web site at With adequate prior knowledge of Athens it is possible using the Greek-language version of the site to find the perfect bus for any situation. The English version is more limited, but still useful.

The Athens Metro system, clean, safe, and pretty self-explanatory, is described by an annoying web site at Tickets are 0.80 and a combined ticket for Metro/bus/trolley costs 1.00. Note that an 0.80 ticket is valid for a continuous journey transferring among all three Metro lines, but a cheaper (0.70) ticket for Line One, the old electric train Piraeus Omonia Kifisia, won't work on lines Two and Three.

Ride the Tram from Syntagma Square to downtown Glyfada or to the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) in Piraeus, to help keep this friendly but slow new system from being killed (0.60).

The Greek train system OSE is slowly upgrading.  Trips are cheap but also very slow.  For route information and schedules, check their web site at  Note that the old Peloponnesian train station, 100 meters behind and to the left of the main "Larisa" station but on separate tracks, is defunct. Take the Suburban Railroad (below) to the end of the line, currently Kiato, then switch to OSE trains.

The Suburban Railroad (Proasteiako) has two basic routes as of September 2007:  Piraeus-Athens main train station (Stathmos Larisis) to Koropi and the Airport, and Athens to Corinth/Kiato. One transfer point between the two (and to Metro line 1) is Nerantziotissa.  The trains are new, comfortable, and accept bicycles.  An excellent round-trip day excursion to Corinth costs ten euros and takes about an hour each way.  The Corinth station is a 5 euro cab ride from Ancient Corinth or 2 euros to New Corinth.  There is a city bus to Corinth from the train station once an hour. 

The port of Piraeus is a confusing mess, but daily departure schedules in Greek are available at Ample info on ferry schedules is available on the GNTO web site at


KTEL Provincial Bus Line Telephone Numbers

Province Athens telephone Regional telephone - city name
Aitoloakarnania 210-5129293 26410-22538 - Agrinio
Argolis 210-5134588 27520-27323 - Nafplio
Arkadia 210-5132834 2710-222560 - Tripoli
Arta 210-5133139 26810-74926/27348 - 'Arta
Attiki 210-8225148 Athens and environs
Achaia 210-5147310 2610-623887 - Patras
Grevena 210-5126833 24620-22242 - Grevena
Drama 210-5130220 25210-32421 - Drama
Evros 210-5133280 25510-26479 - Alexandroupoli
Evia 210-8317153 22210-22640 - Chalkida
Evrytania 210-8315991 22370-80013 - Karpenisi
Zakynthos 210-5129432 26950-42656 - Zakynthos
Ilia 210-5134110/2 26210-22592 - Pyrgos
Imatheia 210-5152548 23310-22342/23334 - Veria
Iraklio, Crete
2810-245020 - Iraklio
Thesprotia 210-5125954 5135379 26650-22309 - Igoumenitsa
Thessaloniki 210-5148856 5124563 2310-500111 - Thessaloniki
Thiva 210-8317179 22620-27511/27512 - Thiva
Ioannina 210-5129363/5 26510-26286 - Ioannina
Kavala 210-5129407 2510-222294 - Kavala
Karditsa 210-8317181 8324966 24410-21001/21411 - Karditsa
Kastoria 210-5129308 24670-83455 - Kastoria
Kerkyra Corfu 210-5129443 26610-39985 - Kerkyra
Kefallonia 210-5150785 26710-25222 - Argostoli
Kilkis 210-5129403 23410-22311 - Kilkis
Kozani 210-5129308 24610-22788 - Kozani
Korinthia 210-5150220/5150287 27410-75424/75425 - Corinth
Lakonia 210-5124913 27310-26441 - Sparti
Larisa 210-8317109 8317047 2410-537754 - Larisa
Livadeia 210-8317173 22610-28272 - Livadeia
Levkada 210-5150108 5151544 26450-22364 - Levkada
Magnisia 210-8329585 24210-33253 - Volos
Messinia 210-5134293 5134273 27210-26428 - Kalamata
Xanthi 210-5132084 25410-22684/22740 - Xanthi
Pella 210-5152548 23810-23511 - Edessa
Pieria 210-8317059 23510-23313 - Katerini
Preveza 210-5129252 26820-22213 - Preveza
Rodopi 210-5144905 5129308 25310-22912 - Komotini
Serres 210-5120212 23210-22822 - Serres
Trikala 210-8311434 8317102 24310-73130 - Trikala
Fthiotida 210-8317147 22310-51346 - Lamia
Florina 210-5130427 23850-22430 - Florina
Fokida 210-8316927 22650-28226 - 'Amfissa
Chalkidiki 210-5154800 2310-931981 - Thessaloniki
Chania Crete
28210-93250/93052/93306 - Chania