Living in a foreign country without an inherited social network is a challenge, but a rewarding one. HELADA's philosophy of social solidarity and cooperation inspired us to try to make our site a resource for the English-speaking community. 

Please contribute to this process by contributing useful sites and useful information. 
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 Meanwhile, an industrious ten-year resident  has done a great job of compiling information about Greece, including good music as well as practical info and links. Check out 

 We recommend that all U.S. citizens register with the U.S. Embassy if they plan to be in Greece any length of time.  They are very nice folks, who will not haunt you with useless information or pursue you for back taxes.  Registering with the Embassy on-line now might help you when your passport disappears two days before you must fly. 

We also urge you to let Democrats Abroad Greece know that you are in Greece.  When election time comes round, they can help make sure your absentee ballot arrives on time and your vote gets counted.  The DA-GR chairperson is Beth Tate Hondros at

The main U.S. Embassy Athens web site is at:

They have useful lists of lawyers, doctors, and other resources at:

There is an on-line expat self-help group called with many of the eternal questions asked and answered in its forum pages.

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