Middle (Earth) Holiday Dinner  

Maritsa's Restaurant, 17-19 Sophokleous, 14 DEC, 2009



The Middle (Earth) Holiday Dinner was deemed a great occasion by ... well, just about everyone. Despite being forced to postpone a week and losing a few to departures for the US, schedule conflicts and health issues, we mustered 24 guests, old and new members and couple who may yet join. There was plenty of talk over the welcoming tsipourakia and smoked fish mezedes, then over dinner. Some of it even had to do with the Earth Dinner idea of food wisdom.


More photos here


Thanks are due to:
- the Steering Committee supported bulletins with email and phone calls
- Judy Blish for layout/editing help on the updated membership/Forum flyer 
- Chris Woodfin who managed the collections and payment
- Cassi Moghan who took boodles of photos
- Geoffrey Wallace took our edible decor on to the refuge program he vol's with
- everyone who chipped in for 'Shishkabob' support fund
- Jimmy Katsinis, our member-vet who took the orphaned Shishkabob 

- and especially to Petros Lambas and the Maritsa's staff for their gracious hospitality and good food!


We're delighted that Judy Blish discovered this new venue for special events, one which can work with us on menu and set up. Maritsa's has a lunch trade, leaving evening bookings available, and they worked with us every step of the way, including discussing provenance and recipes for the Earth Dinner feature in the menu/program. BTW, if you liked the wine, it's Maritsa's from Mt Peleion, and it's also available bottled. Also, check out their 5* hotel of the same name in Portaria!


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