Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto II

Yet are thy skies as blue, 
  thy crags as wild;  
Sweet are thy groves, and 
 verdant are thy fields, 
Thine olive ripe as when 
  Minerva smiled,  
And still his honied wealth 
  Hymettus yields;
There the blithe bee his 
  fragrant fortress builds, 
The freeborn wanderer of thy   
Apollo still thy long, long summer  
Still in his beam Pendeli's 
  marbles glare; 
Art, Glory, Freedom fail, but 
  Nature still is fair.

George Gordon, Lord Byron, 1810

Sunday, April 2, 2006
"Art, Glory, Freedom fail, but Nature still is fair."

Lord Byron, inspired by Mt. Hymettus ca. 1810

Forty-five joined HELADA's homage to the Greek landscape! Dispersed in eight teams plus a picnic squad, our volunteers marched forth and gathered almost one ton of trash from the roadsides, gullies, trails and picnic areas of Mt. Hymettus

Permission to clean up trash on the mountain was kindly granted by the Forest Authority of Pendeli and the Philodassiki Enosi of Athens ( 


Schedule for Sunday April 2, 2006 

1000    We assembled at the upper gate of the Kaisariani cemetery and divided in teams.

1030    Carpool up the mountain to assigned areas.

1215    Ferry trash bags down the mountain.

1300    Reassemble at Kaisariani Monastery for a splendid pot-luck community picnic outside the monastery, followed by a brief talk on the archaeology of Hymettus (the ancient sanctuary of weather god Zeus) by Nancy Bookidis of the American School of Classical Studies. Ms. Angelidaki of the Philodassiki Enosi  was prevented by illness from giving her promised talk on the Kaisariani Aesthetic Forest and the work of Philodassiki.

1430    Return to Athens


Warm thanks to John Lewis of Biotrek, Greece's main manufacturer of seasonings and food flavors, for the donation of 200 sturdy blue plastic sacks.


Photos of the Mt. Hymettus Cleanup

Athens from Hymettus.JPG (1878123 bytes)
Athens from Mt. Hymettus
Caitlin Peterson.JPG (148010 bytes)
Charity.JPG (2457096 bytes)
Cissy and crew.JPG (145349 bytes)
Cissy, George, Ioannis, Pitsa
Con, Annalisa, Diane.JPG (254256 bytes)
Con, Annalisa, Diane
Dimitris.JPG (265068 bytes)
Dimitris in the depths
Eva, Christina.JPG (231253 bytes)
 Eva, Christina
George's team.JPG (172067 bytes)
Cait, George E.
John Lewis.JPG (336338 bytes)
John ties one on
Karen T.JPG (351680 bytes)
Karen and child
Linda Eiduse.JPG (183474 bytes)


Pitsa, Yiannis.JPG (214274 bytes)

Ioannis, Pitsa

Sally Hastings.JPG (196566 bytes)


Marika's garbage truck.JPG (271121 bytes)

Marika's Car


Photos of the Picnic

Caroline, Marika.JPG (246757 bytes)
Caroline, Marika
Chris Woodfin.JPG (276046 bytes)
Chris, John.JPG (224435 bytes)
Chris, John
Dacia, Fern.JPG (229223 bytes)
Dacia, Fern
Dacia, Karen.JPG (256134 bytes)
Dacia, Karen
George E.JPG (1053145 bytes)
George E
Heleni, George V..JPG (263133 bytes)
Heleni, George V.
Heleni.JPG (268243 bytes)
Jean-Paul.JPG (183159 bytes)
Vania.JPG (279153 bytes)
Sleeping Zisis.JPG (233517 bytes)
Little Zisis
Skepetaris.JPG (258125 bytes)
Rosemary, Caroline.JPG (256767 bytes)
Caroline, Rosemary
Nicole, Dinah.JPG (261222 bytes)
Nicole, Dinah
Nicole, Dinah, Nancy.JPG (266199 bytes)
Nicole, Dinah, Nancy
Kristin Zisis.JPG (210908 bytes)
Murray, Cait.JPG (245587 bytes)
Murray, Cait
Regina, Caroline.jpg (54100 bytes)
Regina, Caroline
Nancy, Brady.JPG (262241 bytes)
Brady, Nancy, et al.
Katerina, Brady.JPG (259409 bytes)
Katerina, Brady


Nancy Bookides's Talk on Hymettus Zeus Sanctuary

Nancy Bookides.JPG (256815 bytes)
Nancy, John, Linda


Nancy's audience1.JPG (250076 bytes)
Intent audience


Nancy B.JPG (244722 bytes) Yiannis, Diane, Annalisa.JPG (230235 bytes)


Marika, George, Charity.JPG (219986 bytes)


Key Phone Numbers for Kaisariani Forest

Filodassiki Enosi Athinon (Forestlovers' Union of Athens)
Irodotou 10, Athens 10675
210 7220866

Kaisariani Esthetic Forest office, site supervisor Nikos Pangas 
210 7231769 

Volunteer Fire Protection of Kaisariani (EDDK)
Contact Thanasis Exarchopoulos, 
 210 7244042, 6932906420. 
This group trains volunteers to staff the Park entrance and fire watchtowers from May till September, trying to keep Hymettus from going up in flames again.

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