Flag Day 14 June  2005 

A Virtual Gallery
inspired by the American flag
and the many facets of patriotism
it symbolizes

  • because the flag is being used and abused to support an ever narrowing partisan agenda

  • because patriotism is not a monopoly
    of the right wing

  • because dissent is an American value

The contributors to this project take back the flag as a symbol for all of us.
Our works:
  • support an inclusive definition of Patriotism
  • expose the wrongs we feel the flag has been used 
    to cover up
  • highlight the positive qualities that the flag represents to us
  • are personal visions and solely represent the views of their creators

Collections in the Gallery

Visions and Variations on a Theme
Give Us Back Our Flag
Flag History, Myths, Rules, Law  
The Flag We Grew Up With 
Harsh Realities - Wrongs and Rights  
The 'Making of' TBTF 05
Flag- Making Tools  
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