We are a collection of progressive individuals of mixed ethnic and social background, many with roots in Hellenic and American heritage. We believe in the ideals of democracy, equal opportunity, political and social parity, education, the environment and the Rule of Law. 

We are inspired by a sense of logic, justice and equality, of fair play and balance. We believe in sustainable development that respects human rights, social organization and the environment. 

We are keenly aware of the need for forward-looking, balanced and sustainable solutions to national and international problems. We believe in the politics of the center, of reasoned debate, of scientific analysis and of solutions rather than empty slogans and political posturing. 

We support an approach rooted in international law, and in a mutual respect for different civilizations, religions, cultures and individuals. We value and embrace diversity, and do not impose our religious, cultural or social values on others. 

We believe in a culture of liberty and responsibility. We support each and every personís inalienable right to personal freedom and independence. At the same time, we believe that every person has a fundamental responsibility for his or her actions, and that we share a collective responsibility to future generations, and to the world in which we live. 

Given that we face common challenges of globalization, social and economic change and environmental degradation, we believe that common solutions are at hand and are achievable.